Behind The Seams: 100 Years Of Fashion


Behind The Seams: Charlotte Seen celebrated 100 Years Of Fashion last weekend!

From corsets to leg warmers, we were treated to the hottest fashion trends from each decade.

The show opened with this true Victorian beauty by Donda Bullock.

Brittany Snyder Brought us the Roaring ‘20s followed by the ‘40s and ‘50s by Mary Cing, Kiara Brown, Fashion Seen, Donda Bullock and Johnathan Runciman.

My favorite moment of the show was model Sara Guimarães as Holly Golightly. She absolutely nailed the Breakfast At Tiffany’s look.

Far Out!!! Naomi Jeffries and Larfel Designs kicked off the era of Free Love with their ‘60s designs while Rhinestone Gypsy and Leslie Lindsey had us Groovin’ into the ‘70s.

Model Larry Abdul brought a roar from the crowd as he absolutely SLAYED with this look.

Then, ‘Like, Oh My God’, it was a throwback to my high school days when Snarkeez Killed it with their Totally Gnarly ‘80s collection.

I think I’ll dig around and find my Swatch Watches And OP tank tops now!!

One of my favorite models, Adaline Griffin, looked like she stepped straight out of an ‘80s Rom Com Movie.

“As If”!!!

Rhinestone Gypsy was far from Clueless when she brought back the ‘90s.

Fast Forward…Geo In Style brought us Back to the Future with out of this world jewelry designs from their collection.

Jacob Scott closed the show by bringing us back to real time with his present day designs. Scott was the Pot Of Gold at the End of the Rainbow on the Runway.

He secured his spot as one of my favorite emerging deisgners. I fell in love with his collection last year and was honored to speak with him and catch a glimpse of his Pride inspired pieces for this weekends show.

Jacob Scott closed out the production with a stunning presentation of bright, cheerful, present day creations.

This was by far one of my top 5 favorite fashion shows of all time.

I love fashion. All fashion. The history and the future of fashion. And I got to see it all on one runway.

Thank you to Charlotte Seen for another magnificent show!

Special thank you to Careese Robinson for letting me use some of his incredible photos.

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