Art on the Runway


Some artists work with paint. Some work with clay. Chin Wayne works with fabric. And thread. And imagination.

He has worked with Armani, Kenneth Cole, Claiborne for Men, Ann Taylor and Dillard’s.

He opened the Loft store in South Park.

15 years in the fashion business paved the way for the launch of his own line….Chinó Arté by Wayne.

I was invited to attend the debut. And I was in awe of his work

I’m always drawn to the smallest of details and I had plenty to admire in this show.

The lace trim on these shorts added a pop of elegance.

The button detail on these lend a tailored, retro vibe.

The models skin played a sexy game of peekaboo through the subtle exposures in several of his women’s designs.

His asymmetric designs and use of textures were an attention grabbing addition to his collection.

The detail of the sleeve of this top was one of my favorites and is a perfect representation of Wayne’s work.

The night was a classic and beautiful return to elegance.

The show was hosted at Extravaganza Events and Depot. We were also treated to a lovely reception in the train car and patio area.

The evening was a huge success. It was truly one of the best shows I’ve attended.

Not only is this designer extremely creative and talented, he’s also a witty, down to earth, humble man.

I felt as if I were in an art gallery.

The models were the canvas….

The runway was the frame…

And Chin Wayne was the Artist.

Follow Chin Wayne on social media

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube @Chinoartebywayne

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