Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Getting the Runaround


‘Tis the season to run around. Hustle and bustle. Shopping til we drop.

These accessories will keep you stylish and comfy while you’re doing your holiday shopping.

The Anaka Leather Combat Boot is stylish and functional.

The thick rubber sole is perfect for ice and snow. Yet the boot can be dressed up with a maxi dress or a mini skirt and tights!

The Bedford Travel Jet Set Duffel shows fun images of girls in the go. It’s roomy and classic with a trendy feel.

Keep the holiday spirit alive each time you pull out your Small Pebbled Leather Wallet in bright holiday Red.

Each of these are perfect holiday gifts!

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Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: On The Go


This weeks style session is inspired by this fun, new tote bag!

As soon as I saw the girl on the bike printed on this new Eva Tote I knew I had to recreate it!

The Ciré Quilted Puffer Jacket fits the look. Warm and stylish, this yellow will brighten your cold winter days!

The Hero Leather and Mesh Trainer with the pop of yellow is the perfect compliment to the rest of the look.

Whether you’re traveling the world or riding your bike in the park, this look is the perfect ‘On the Go’ outfit!

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Let Me Count The Ways


Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43 ‘How Do I Love Thee?’ Comes to mind when I think of Jah Smalls.

I recently got to hear the local Charlotte poet speak during a fashion show I attended.

One of his poems was from his soon to be published book dedicated to his teenage daughter, who was going through a bout of depression.

As a father, he wanted to do anything he could to pull her out of the deep, dark hole he was all to familiar with.

Feeling helpless, he did the only thing he knew to do…write to her a note.

101 notes to be exact.

His daughter realized these words can help others, like it helped her.

Not everyone has a doting daddy like she has. So she’s willing to share hers with the world.

So early 2020 Jah will be releasing the book ‘101 Love Notes From Dad’.

Writing is as therapeutic to him as reading it is to her.

In fact, he teaches creative writing to those going through the challenges of mental illness.

After surviving near fatal gunshot wounds, Jah Smalls has worked hard to come out of the darkness of depression and PTSD. Through his writing and helping others he has found this form of therapy works best for him.

‘I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

Yes these words written in the 1800’s still ring true today with Jah Smalls.

A love so deep you can count on it.

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Kids


I’ve recently become a convert. I hated online shopping.

But Amazon has changed my ways.

I’ve found ALOT of holiday gift ideas and ordering and delivery are soooo easy.

Here’s my top pics for the kids in your life.

Kids (as well as us grown up kids) love taking pictures.

This is a great way to display their ever changing favorites.

Game controllers are always a welcomed gift. You can never have too many.

There’s so many color options.

This is a gift that’ll bring lots of joy, long after the holidays.

I’m fascinated by This combination Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock and night light.

Great addition to any room. And any age!

I’ve wanted one of these ever since Tom Hanks player Heart & Soul in the movie Big.

This gift will be a BIG hit!

My final gift choice is This inspirational book about Steph Curry.

Whether your recipient plays basketball or not, they will find inspiration to succeed in whatever they do.

Hope everyone has the happiest of holidays!!!!

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Flip It And Reverse It


I don’t even have to tell you WHY I pulled this jacket off the rack!!

It wasn’t until I laid it down to style it that I saw the monogrammed inside.

After further investigation, I found out the hooded puffer jacket is REVERSIBLE!!!

Y’all know I’m all about anything that can be worn different ways.

More bang for your buck!

This red Jet Set Crossbody was just screaming to be paired with the jacket.

And it will go great with either side!

Of course with the red bag you must have some red shades!!!

The Stowe sunnies in the red shade completes the look!!

Leave me a message and tell me your favorite way to wear this jacket!!! Monogram or Leopard??

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Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: A Walk On The Wild Side


This outfit is not for the faint of heart. The shy. Or the wallflower.

THIS is a 100% DIVA ensemble!

This Feather-embroidered Wool blend dress just screams “Look at Me!!!”

And the best part…it’s on sale!!!

I could have went with a basic black bag.

But, why would I??

Diva’s believe More is more!

So I chose the sequined zebra print Whitney Bag.

A true Diva not only dresses to say “Look at Me” she also dons a pair of sunnies that say “Leave me alone”.

These Bermuda’s give a Risky Business vibe to this over the top look.

To shop this look call (704) 362-7000 . The SouthPark Mall location will ship anywhere in the US for FREE for KORSVIP members!

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So Many Reasons


If you’ve followed me for awhile you know my connection to Robert ‘Reasons’ Brown is deep.

From our first meeting, arranged by mutual friend IV Montana, to the concerts he’s hosted and invited me to, we have supported each other in so many ways.

His latest concert, In the Meantime, brought back a couple of my favorites. Afro beats artist Ibe Bello, and designer The LOMK.

I also met a very quite young man 5 Way Mari whose stage presence was far greater than his timid interview led me to believe.

The crowd got hyped when he flawlessly jumped up onto a stool while performing!

Highlights can be seen in my YouTube Vlog Here

Reasons believes in lifting up others, and that’s the motivation behind his concerts.

And the reason he is a strong link in my circle.

This week he sent me a heartbreaking song he had just written. I knew immediately it was about his grandmother.

He wrote the song the day she passed away. So the pain was strong and apparent.

Yet he remains strong. Hattie Strong.