Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Spring Fling


Spring is just around the corner (it really is I promise) and the color I keep seeing in stores is Lavender.

So when I saw this beaded, sequined floral print dress I knew I wanted to style it.

I added the Adele Smart phone wristlet for a carefree, casual vibe in the same Lavender Mist.

Add a few spritz of Twilight Shimmer. It’s fruity notes mixes with dark wood nuances for a sexy Spring smell.

I know it’s hard to believe it now but Spring will be here before you know it!!! And Michael Kors will make sure you’re ready!!

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Kendra Scott: Coming Full Circle


I recently hosted an event at Kendra Scott to benefit a Non Profit I work with.

It was surreal. Because I had come full circle.

My very first Blog, in October 2015, was about a Kendra Scott Event I had attended.

It was a Color Bar Party hosted by fellow blogger, Jen Grano, who had helped me get my own blog going.

That blog can be found Here

I have been working with Black Fathers Rock and thought, hey, let’s get the ladies involved!!!

Since Kendra Scott lets you choose a nonprofit for their Gives Back events I knew this would be a perfect way to raise money while enjoying some incredible jewelry.

A lot has changed with Kendra Scott since my last blog. They’ve introduced some home decor and even added fine jewelry.

Their fine jewelry line comes in rose, white or yellow gold and diamonds!

But they still have their everyday favorites, with new designs coming out every season.

And they still have their fun color bar where you can choose your own design and they build it right on the spot!

We sipped, we shopped, and supported a great cause!

From attending my first event to hosting my own, I see how far I’ve come.

Contact your local Kendra Scott to host your own event. A Sip & Shop, a Color Bar Party or a Kendra Scott Gives Back. A guaranteed good time for all!

I was Gifted a piece for hosting the event. It fits right in to my growing collection of Kendra Scott jewelry.

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Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Bunny Slope Blues


I’ve always wanted to ski. Swooshing down the mountain in a fashionable snow suit.

Alas I realized, with my lack of coordination, I’d even be laughed off the Bunny Slopes.

Being made fun of by a group of 10 year olds isn’t my idea of a good day.

So why not just look the part???

This Faux Fur Hooded Jacket will make you look stylish on (or in my case off) the slopes.

With the Carmen Color Block Saffiano Leather Belted Satchel hanging from your arm, you will look like you belong at even the most exclusive ski resort.

Sun bouncing off snow is the most blinding combination.

To shield your eyes, and hide your shame, throw on a pair of Stowe sunnies in white.

You can fake it til you make it with this stylish combination!

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Have A Heart


It’s February. Stores are filled with heart shaped candy boxes and stuffed animals holding plush hearts declaring their love for you.

But did you know February is also Heart Health Month?

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women.

The American Heart Association urges us to wear red all month. To encourage conversations and education about this number one killer of our loved ones.

So I’ve gathered a few items in red from some of my favorite brands.

This Handkerchief Hem Wrap Dress from Banana Republic is a definite attention grabber. Perfect for dancing. Take the lady in your life out dancing regularly. It’s great cardio!

The Whitney is one of Michael Kors most popular bags. The red will add a pop of color to any outfit.

Kendra Scott has a wide variety of jewelry in different metals and stones. The Elisa Pendant in Ruby Red definitely makes a statement.

Pucker up for your loved one with Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry. It’ll keep your lips soft and kissable!

A healthy heart starts with a healthy diet. Frutta Bowls has lots of delicious options. During February they are offering the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bowl. A yummy way to show your love.

Heart shaped boxes of candy are nice. But a freshly baked, all natural Vegan bun from Cinnaholic is tastier and better for you.

This wreath made of buns is topped with cream cheese frosting, raspberries, graham crackers and raspberry jam!!

These are just a few ways to introduce red into your life this month. Let them start much needed conversations about our hearts. Encourage healthier lifestyles and talk about ways to make small changes. Show someone you love that you care about them and their health.

Sometimes, all you need is Love.

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Miss Green Jeans


Growing up, my favorite show was Captain Kangaroo. One of my most beloved characters was Mr. Green Jeans.

Oh how I wanted a pair of Green Jeans!!

But they weren’t very flattering on girls.

Recently I spotted the Michael Kors relaxed Carrot Jeans.

This cute pair tapers from the waist and cuffs for a casual, cropped look.

The Manhattan makes another appearance this week. This time in Optic White.

The pops of color on the straps is the perfect contrast to the green.

I just had to add the Pearson Sandal in Persimmon!

The Gladiator straps are perfect for the cropped jeans.

This outfit has me looking forward to Spring. And looking back to my childhood.

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Happy Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is also known as Lunar New Year. The date is determined by the Lunar calendar and falls between the third week of January and mid to late February.

One of the most colorful, as well as loudest, ceremonies is The Lion Dance.

Firecrackers are set off to scare any evil spirits away from the business.

During Chinese New Year the Lions visit shops in the Asian community to perform Cai Qing, which means ‘plucking the greens’.

Businesses tie greens, often Boi Choy, to the front of their stores, along with Hong Bao, a red envelope filled with money, in order to lure the lions into their shop.

The Lion’s presence grants the shop Good Luck and Fortune for the year ahead.

Hong Bao is a traditional Chinese way to give a gift. Weddings, graduations, holidays, etc are often a time to give money.

The red symbolizes good luck and it also is thought to ward off evil spirits.

Celebration attendees also ‘feed’ the lions a Hong Bao to insure their own good fortune.

The lions then enter each business, therefore insuring a prosperous year.

New Years meals are started with a bowl of tangerines or oranges.

They represent wealth and good luck.

Food is served Family style. It is a time to share with Family and friends.

There is always bright, colorful decor.

And you should never forget to wave goodbye to the Lucky Cat!

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. May the Year of the Rat be prosperous for you all!!

Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Life of the Party


We all know that one person that’s always colorful and cheerful and it’s reflected in how they dress.

This is the outfit to help you become that person!

The Keke beaded pump was my inspiration.

This classic style is taken up a notch with the colorful, beaded designs and will add that bit of ‘extraness’ to any outfit.

Of course I was drawn to the Manhattan crossbody.

This design has been a favorite of mine for awhile. The iridescent hardware and colorful trim stole the show for me.

It also comes in white which is very striking as well.

I kept the bottoms basic, with a flair.

The faux leather joggers are simple yet stylish.

Make yourself the life of any party with just a few statement pieces in your wardrobe.

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