Auld Lang Syne


It’s has been a year…

A year of growth

A year of humbling

A year of what ifs and why nots

A year of who me and why not me

A year of opportunities given and missed

A year of stepping up and reaching out

A year of retreat and exile from my comfort zones

A year of realization

Of my strength , my talent and my worth

It has been a year…

2022 started with a campaign with DIOR. Yes, DIOR!!

It was only up from there.

I was invited to several Girl Tribe Events.

I took in the sites and sounds of Charlotte Shout. It’s the first year that I went several times. It’s such an incredible experience I wanted to see it all.

I got to attend two birthday parties that were so amazing. Just like my friends Danielle and Maurice that were celebrating.

2022 was the year of unbelievable interviews.

I was invited to a Sony Music Album release party for recording artist Suzanne Smith. I got to meet and interview the artist and mingle with the music moguls.

I was invited to the book launch party for local author Shelly Rozell Clark.

I met and interview the co-founder and CEO of Orlane Beauty, Elisa Giraudi.

Not in a million years would I have believed I would meet, let alone interview, Designer Christian Siriano!

He was always my favorite member of Project Runway and I’ve been awed by his designs for years.

This was definitely a highlight of my career!

I was invited to the VIP opening of the Art Gallery/Night Club Bazal. Such a surreal experience.

I was invited to a private beauty event at Neiman Marcus. I discovered lots of new brands and got a huge bag of goodies!

I attended my first opera!

I was invited to view Aida. I’d never been to the opera before and I was so excited!

Two of my favorite things brought together.

Michael Kors, one of my favorite brands, was in Charlotte Fashion Week. Yes, MK was featured on the Charlotte Seen runway! It was a moment I had anticipated for a long time!

I was also invited to cover Atlanta International Fashion Week!

I took this opportunity to show up and show out! I’ve always seen ATL as a major fashion hub and I wanted to leave my mark on the city!

While in Atlanta I finally got to visit The Slutty Vegan! What an experience! I loved it and the food is delicious!!!!

And the most incredible part of 2022 is….

🥁Drum roll please…

My blog, Living La Vida Diva, won Carolina Fashion Awards Fashion Blog of the Year for both North and South Carolina!

I truly don’t think I can top ‘22.

But I most certainly will try my best!

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