Dappy Holidays


Dapper Dan has once again teamed up with Gap for a holiday inspired collab.

The limited edition drop offers four different hoodies.

There are three plaid-patterned hoodies available in red, yellow, and forest green, and a houndstooth-patterned design in brown and camel.

Each hoodie features a “DAP” gold applique across the chest with “Harlem” embroidered underneath.

“I’ve been having this feeling about hoodies, and how they always represent a hoodie as being dark, sinister or criminal,” he said. “So when they offered me this opportunity to be on a famous Gap hoodie and have it say ‘Dap’ instead, I say, this is a perfect opportunity for me to destigmatize the hoodie.”

Dapper Dan, the 78-year-old born and bred designer who had a store, Dapper Dan’s Boutique in Harlem, won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America Award last year,

“Gap speaks to all of us, but it’s a part of who I am and who we all are. So I love that.” Dapper Dan stated.

Stay Dapper my friends and have a very Dappy Holiday Season!

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