The TOTEaly Best Bag


No logo needed…

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag is one of the most notable and iconic bag to date.

Launching in 2019, it sold 100k in the first year and has been a firm favourite in the fashion world.

With sizes from mini to Extra Large, The Tote Bag is the perfect carryall.

Denim and canvas are the most common materials.

Upgrade to a leather Tote if you use yours a lot. They are easier to keep clean !

Even though Marc Jacobs is known for not splashing logos all over his bags, the logo print gives The Tote a different look.

Don’t overlook the new teddy trend. It’s especially fun in this pink color.

My favorite, however, is the Peanuts Collection.

There’s nothing like having your childhood favorites on your arm!

No matter what you need to tote around, Marc Jacobs has a bag for you.

You can shop the Marc Jacobs Store in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta with my SA Aaron Edwards. Or give him a Call and order over the phone!

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