Be Happy: The Cactus Plant Flea Market Story


Many people don’t know about the designer behind one of McDonald’s most successful collabs to date.

This artisanal streetwear line created quite a stir this week as ‘Adult Happy Meals’ sold out within hours of their launch.

Some were just average adults looking for a bit of nostalgia. But most are hard core collectors of Cactus Plant Flea Market finds.

What is CPFM? Where did they come from? Who do they gear their designs toward?

Cactus Plant Flea Market is an artist-owned brand and creative outlet crafting unique apparel items with signature dye treatments and lettering.

Cynthia Lu, who prefers to live in anonymity, created this very distinctive and trippy Cactus Plant Flea Market four-eyed smiley face design. It’s kind of become the unofficial logo for the designer streetwear brand.

Cynthia Lu grew up in the Midwest. She had always loved fashion. She got her start when she landed a job with Pharrell’s streetwear label Billionaire Boys Club.

Pharrell gave her the name. You’re Cactus. You’re short, you’re sharp, and you’re not easy to touch

McDonald’s is not her first collab.

Notable brands such as hip-hop jeweler of Jacob & Co., Comme des Garçons, Nike, Stüssy, and Alpinestars.

It will not be her last I’m sure.

The current partnering with McDonald’s has brought in a whole new following for this brand.

What sets this line apart from other Hype Beast approved brands?

Many Cactus Plant pieces feature unique hand-dye treatments or embroidery, often done by Lu herself.

If you were fortunate enough to get your hands on one of these Artist Box meals and toys from McDonald’s, just know, you now own a piece of Art.

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