It’s Not Bag, It’s A Baguette


Fendi owes the popularity of their baguette bag to the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw.

Yes, it’s a great bag. But after each Sex And The City episode, we all HAD to have one.

As this iconic bag turns 25 this month, it’s only fitting that Fendi does a collab with Sarah Jessica Parker.

In fact, they did a triple collab!

So Very Carrie

The real life Carrie created a line of ombré colored bags.

This one plays on her memorable scene where she was robbed of her purple, sequined version.

Baguette At Tiffany’s

Tiffany’s did a line in the robins egg blue color they’re known for.

This surprising combination of two major fashion houses makes for a gorgeous bag(uette)!

Artistic Director Kim Jones had one more surprise for us.

The Baguette

Marc Jacobs joined in on the celebration with a twist on his fun, labeled bags.

His purses that read “The Baguette” are a play on the designer’s own bags that featured “The Tote Bag,” typeface.

“I didn’t want to do a traditional ‘collection’ for the anniversary,” Jones stated

“Rather it’s a celebration of a time, of the moment the Baguette became famous. I relate that time to a sense of freedom in excess and fun — both qualities the Baguette possesses.”

Happy Anniversary Fendi Baguette! Here’s to another 25 glorious years!

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