Model On Duty


There’s nothing like being at a Casting Call, Photo Shoot or Fashion Show and realizing you forgot something.

Here’s the Top 10 things you should pack in your model bag.

1. Your Portfolio.

Head shots, comp cards etc. Make it neat and organized.

2. Makeup Palette.

Ladies bring your normal foundations, concealers etc and a variety of eyeshadow options. Guys, let concealer and bronzer be your friend.

3. Undergarments.

Skin toned and black. Bras and panties for the ladies, boxers, briefs and tanks for the fellas. A black and a white button down just to be on the safe side never hurt.

4. Shoes.

Girls need Nude and black heels, and perhaps a couple of pair of flats as well. Guys bring Black, white and no show socks. ladies make sure you’re comfortable walking in the shoes you bring. Nothing ruins a look like wobbling around in heels you’re not used to wearing.

5. Hair Products.

You know your hair better than anyone. Bring your regular products. Extra hair ties, Bobby pins, hair gel, hairspray are a must.

6. Skincare.

Hand sanitizer is more important than ever these days. Makeup remover, deodorant that won’t leave residue, lotion and mouthwash should be staples.

7. Sewing Kit.

Every imaginable color of thread. Go ahead and thread a few needles with some of the threads for quick repairs. Extra buttons, safety pins, boob tape and shoes pads will come in handy.

8. Phone charger.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a model sprawled out in the floor next to an outlet charging their phone. You’re normally at a show or shoot for several hours. And we’re always on our phones. Bring a portable charger just in case so everyone isn’t fighting over an outlet.

9. Snacks

Healthy snacks and bottles of water are much needed. Yes, models do eat! Stay hydrated!

10. A good attitude.

Leave the negativity and sense of entitlement at home. No matter how beautiful you are on the outside, if you’re ugly on the inside it’s going to show through.

Make sure you choose a bag that’s roomy and durable. No cutesy cartoony bags. Nothing offensive, ripped or dirty.

L Howard Artistry makes beautiful, unique bags that hold up and express your personality while still giving you a professional look.

The most important thing to bring with you to any shoot, call or show is a smile and your A Game.

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