Life and Death of a Legand


The Fashion world was deeply saddened by the death of designer Virgil Abloh last week.

In edition to his creative designs for Off White, Abloh was also Louis Vuitton’s first Black artistic director, which means he made history at the luxury fashion house.

I’d like to pay homage to his memory by showing some of my favorite pieces from him.

Louis Vuitton Holographic Duffel Bag: Love it or Hate it. Either way you have to admit it’s STUNNING!

Off-White™ Industrial Belt: possibly one of the most recognizable accessories in the universe.

Queen Bey approved: This neon and white showstopper became the closing look for Beyoncé’s On the Run II tour–she wore it during her last show in Seattle.

Louis Vuitton Skyscraper Jacket: I know…this isn’t really wearable. But you have admire the overall design!

A look from Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton LV² collaboration with Nigo: I love this totally wearable take on the Canadian Tuxedo. Mix it up or matcha matchy, it’s one of my favorite designs from him.

Virgil Abloh definitely gave Louis Vuitton a breath of fresh air and put Street Style in the forefront. He will be missed.

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