One Time, At Band Camp…


Well, I planned this blog post on Local Charlotte Doctor Kellye Hall out so meticulously.

And then did a complete 180 after doing some more research and talking with her.

Not only is this incredible Super Woman a Physician, she also excels at pretty much everything she does.

From the age of two, Kellye knew she wanted to be a doctor.

Like most of us at that age, we combine a bunch of dreams and strive to be them all.

Kellye made all of her childhood goals become a reality.

Growing up in Soul City, Noth Carolina, she was surrounded by inspiration. Along with dancing, she also was very involved in band.

After High School she enrolled in North Carolina A&T and immediately set forth to become a part of their band.

“The next summer at band camp in 1998, we were all lining up to march to the practice field, and Dr. Kenneth Ruff, the assistant director at that time, came to the back of the band where the saxophone section was lined up, took my saxophone out of my hands, led me to the front of the band, put me in line with the three drum majors at the time and said, “Give my drum majors some competition.” I seriously didn’t have a clue on what was going on but it was official that day at band camp that I was the first female drum major.”

After seeing THIS VIDEO my blog went another direction.

Kellye Hall opened the first of many doors when she became the first Female Drum Major.

She continues to open doors for other females by mentoring them and inspiring everyone that crosses her path.

Doctor, Drum Major, Dancer… so much talent.

But wait, there’s more!

Add author to the mix!

A major advocate of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, she guides her mentees through the entrance of the HBCU that best suits their goals.

And she’s currently working on her next book.

Being a doctor on a good day isn’t easy. Being a doctor during a pandemic has got to be the one of the hardest things ever.

Saddened by how healthcare is being treated as a business by insurance companies, drug companies and large corporate hospitals systems, Kellye has decided to step back for awhile and focus on some of her other passions.

Going full circle, dance has become a major part of her life once again.

The NC Dance District, a Hop Hop Dance Studio now occupies her days.

Running a dance studio doesn’t feel like work to her.

Now since you’ve gotten the feel for Kellye then you will know this isn’t your typical dance studio.

It’s more of an anti studio in fact. They train professional dancers in a warm and nurturing environment.

It’s such a successful concept they plan to grow, building in cities all over the country.

They’ve even been featured in Essence On Line Magazine.

I always ask the subjects of my blogs to send me a picture of something that brings them joy. And I always find an immediate connection between my subjects and their pictures.

It was only fitting that she sent a picture of the Queen Bey herself. Beyoncé, another female force that’s paved the way for others.

When you see a door opened for a female in a male dominated area, you can be assured, Kellye Hall will be there holding it open for her.

To purchase books by Dr. Kellye Hall:

I Am The Beat


The HBCU Experience

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