That Hat Guy: The Gentleman Milliner


I’ve known of James Keith as ‘That Hat Guy’ long before the world knew of him as Keith&James, Hat Designer.

Before moving to Charlotte, Atlanta was my Fashion Hub. I always kept up with the styles, even after moving here.

In 2016, I kept seeing those fedoras, you know the ones, on ATL music artists, athletes and on several Red Carpets.

The red bottom hats even have the approval of Christian Louboutin himself!

Eventually the world knew him as well and his hats are sold in high end stores and boutiques.

I was recently invited to a Neiman Marcus Meet and Greet with the designer I’ve long admired. And he graciously granted me a quick interview.

Why Hats? Was my first question.

His first response in jest was “because I’m loosing my hair lol”

“But seriously, Growing up I remember a gentlemen never left home without a hat.”

Perhaps it’s our mutual southern upbring that we grew up with the same memories.

James Keith grew up in a the small North Carolina town of Riegelwood, about two and a half hours east of Charlotte.

A Gentleman strolling into a building, removing his hat before entering or at a funeral, Tipping his hat as a sign of hello…

There were rules of etiquette for gentleman with hats. And James Keith is the man to bring those rules back.

He recently launched his new line of Bucket Hats.

Keith and James gives luxe touch to the bucket hats that are back in style once again.

“What’s next for you? Will you expand into clothing?”

He told me he has no immediate plans for clothing and will be sticking to accessories for now. However, he is launching a Fragrance Line!

Mirroring the brim of his iconic fedora, these bottles add an opulent touch to your vanity.

It was truly an honor meeting James Keith as well as promotion team The Machine Group founders Alvin and Calvin Waters.

Thank you Neiman Marcus for inviting me to mingle with these amazingly talented men as well as the most amazing, fashion forward attendees.

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