Take On Me


While looking at some of the artwork by local artist Elisha Cutter, the 1985 VIDEO by the group A-ha came to mind.

Speaking with her confirmed it. Her drawings are ‘her take’ on each individual.

She has the gift of seeing what a person is going through, and brings that out for others to see. She also allows others to see within themselves what she has discovered about them.

Like the fantasy world lived out on paper, she captures an essence not often seen by others.

The artist/designer has always had a business mindset.

Her first foray into the fashion world was designing a pair of shoes for a middle school project.

She continued to study art and it’s history throughout school.

Her combination of comic book and portrait art has earned a spot as part of the design team for the popular online store SHEIN

She has 9 pieces at the moment in the Shein X TheBoxMethod Collection and will have more coming!

She wants to bring positivity and hope to the community through art. She wants people to see change and hope in the world.

Elisha is still focused on art as well. She’s currently working on an art show for the fall titled #ICANBREATH.

I often ask the people I interview to send me a picture of something that makes them happy. And as I always find, what they send fits with my ‘Take on Them’!!

She sent me this along with this statement:

“The last picture represent my happiness because it represents me planting seed in everything I do as it grows and manifests in my life. It gives me hope and builds my faith that whatever I succeed in, God will make it come to fruition.”

Just as I see her. Planting seeds of hope in our community and in our world.

Let us help this young lady by watering those seeds.

Follow her. Shop her brand. Buy her artwork. Let’s grow a beautiful new world.

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