Balenciaga ‘hacked’ Gucci’s 100th anniversary collection, ‘Aria’


Ok, it’s more of a collab than a hack. But for a dramatic effect we will call it a hack.

Luxury brands have collaborated with street style brands for years.

But these two major fashion houses came together to celebrate 100 years of Gucci Fashion with the Aria Collection.

There was mixture of extreme bell-bottoms, oversized shoulder pads, vibrant block colours and some 70s/80s crossover vibes.

The classic Jackie Bag was shown with Balenciaga’s signature slashed logo.

Also the ‘B’ clasp on the GG logo bag with the shape Balenciaga is known for.

Fur trim adorned classic and retro looks.

Vibrant Blue and Reds together with Gucci’s equestrian touches were some of my favorites.

This collection channels ‘80s TV shows like Dynasty with their broad shoulders. Also oversized are sweaters and jodhpurs.

More favorites with these military mixed with equestrian looks.

And that red velvet suit!!!

The show opened with a model walking into a fictional venue called the Savoy Club — a nod to London’s Savoy Hotel, where Guccio Gucci’s story began a century ago when he worked as a bellhop carrying guests’ luggage. Perhaps the inspiration for his future as a handbag designer.

The model wore a red velvet suit just like the one from Tom Ford’s fall 1996 Gucci collection. It was styled with a leather choker attached by a leash to a horsebit harness.

Which leads me to the next part of the collection.

These pieces mix lace with fur with leather and whips.

Erotica or Equestrian?

I guess it’s up to the person wearing them.

The iconic Gucci Green and Red strips make an appearance.

And Gucci wouldn’t be Gucci without the horse bits and double G logos.

They’re intermingled with the Balenciaga logos.

The Blue and Black Coat is my absolute favorite piece.

And the two coexist nicely on this Cuban link necklace.

Note the intertwining G’s in the the dangling Balenciaga.

Collab or Hack. Whatever it is I’m here for it!!

Happy 100th Anniversary Gucci!!!

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