Charlotte Seen Fashion POP


Once again Charlotte Seen brought us three shows in one day.

After a drab and depressive year, Rita Miles flooded the runway with Pops of color.

The first show was full of color and SASS!!! These young models brought cheers from the audience as they showed their personalities that were as bright as their outfits.

The second show brought an array of styles and eras.

The 70’s inspired outfits were some of my favorites.

There was a western twist which Rob McDowell rocked.

Black and white Chess Inspired pieces were fun.

These unique and eclectic pieces were some more of my favorites.

As were the fantasy pieces.

My absolute favorite part of the second show was this rendition of Grease from two of my favorite models, Jordan and Savannah.

The third show was full of color and energy.

Bow ties made an appearance with some colorful designs.

And we will be left to sing the Blues until the next show.

This was a much needed, fun fashion event.

Special thanks to Photographer Careese Robinson for all the amazing pics in this blog.

For Charlotte Seen info

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