Beautiful Soul


I recently spoke with Sondaya Weddle, founder of DayaLuv Cosmetics, about her cosmetics line.

She said her aim is to enhance our true beauty.

My first thought was that she’s talking about outward appearance.

However, as our conversation went on I realized there was more to it.

Although her line of Lip Glosses and Lashes definitely make us more appealing visually, she also works to make us more beautiful on the inside.

Following in the footsteps of her successful mother, Sondaya has built her own business.

She also is very involved in her mother’s ventures. They also co wrote a book: A Successful Way To Entrepreneurship and Obtaining Wealth.

VP of Destined to Succeed Institute, owner and CO of Destined to Succeed Employment Assistance Agency, and Facilitator for It Takes a Village Foundation Re Entry program. Each of these programs help people just out of prison get back into mainstream life.

She also gives motivational speeches on all of her social media platforms.

Just listening to her speak inspired me to do more. Be better. And feel better.

Growing up watching her mother put on makeup created a lifelong love with beauty products.

When she became old enough to wear it herself, getting ready and applying products became very therapeutic for her.

She always knew she would own her own business and one day have her own beauty line.

Being a survivor of domestic abuse fueled her passion to not only succeed, but to help others escape their own toxic environment.

She created a line of lipglosses called ‘Shade With A Story’.

The shade ‘OVERCOMER’ holds special meaning to her.

“Our shade Overcomer- is a shade that holds so much weight behind it. This shade is dedicted to all the women that have and will overcome. We are happy to say that 10% of all profits on this shade will be donated to the Convergence Resource Center. An organization that is dedicated to helping women overcome.”

She created it in purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

After speaking with Sondaya I realized, it’s not just her face that makes her beautiful, it’s also her soul.

Sondaya Weddle

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