Becoming Fabulous: Tom Ford Beauty


I recently visited the Tom Ford Beauty counter at Neiman Marcus for color match with their luxury beauty line. The oh so sweet and stylish Dawn had posted about the beauty event on the NM Instagram and I nabbed my spot immediately.

***All precautions were taken by their Field Executive Justin Pittman and Associate Monica Daza.

Justin started with the Emotion Proof Eye Primer.

Then onto the Traceless Soft Matte Foundation in 2.7 Vellum.

I love the coverage and the fact that it’s not a totally matte finish.

Then the Emotion Proof Concealer in Pale Dune. Perfect match for my skin and great coverage.

Here’s where things got interesting.

I’ve never used contour other than below my cheekbone. And I’ve always been intimidated by creams.

So here he whipped out a Shade and Illuminate cream combo that almost sent me running.

Intensity One looked very, well, intense. I just knew I was going to look like a clown.

BUT!!!! I was wrong!! With Justin’s guidance I applied it like a pro! Added the highlighting cream and my face was really coming together!

After he had pushed the envelope and got me to try a cream, Justin then brought out this cream and powder eyeshadow duo.

And the powder was metallic! He was really dragging me kicking and screaming out of my makeup comfort zone!!!

But since he’s such a sweetheart I applied it.

Wow did it make my blue eyes pop!!!

Now here’s where my anxieties stopped me. No matter how cute and sweet Justin is I was not about to put liner on my waterline!!

He explained how and why it would look better. And I totally agree. I’m just so weird about something touching my inner eye.

So, for now, I used the Emotion Proof Eye Liner in Dominateur around my lashes.

Baby steps. Maybe one day.

I absolutely fell in love with the Brow Sculptor in Blonde.

He showed me how to perfectly shape my brows and this color is so much better than what I’ve been using. It also comes with a refill!

This Cheek Color in Love Lust really brought back some memories. The preachiness of it reminds me of the very first blush I ever bought as a teen. The color is perfect for me and it just makes me happy remembering the first time ever wearing makeup.

We finished off my look with the Ultra Shine Lip Color in Nubile.

Again, a color outside my comfort zone.

Looking Fabulous isn’t enough. You have to smell fabulous too.

Monica found the perfect fragrances for me!

I love the light, fruity, floral notes in Mandarino Di Amalfi and Soleil Neige.

Stop into Neiman Marcus and let them find your perfect look for Spring.

A wonderful experience trying new things and new techniques. Thank you Dawn for letting me know about the beauty event!

I enjoyed it so much and realized, I’m much prettier outside my comfort zone!!

Contact Monica Daza for your luxury beauty needs!

Neiman Marcus

SouthPark Mall

4400 Sharon Road, Suite 154

Charlotte, NC 28211


Ext: 2102


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