Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life


Valentine’s Day is a week away. We’re seeing all kinds of ads for gifts for the ladies…perfume, chocolate, jewelry, roses…But what do you get for the guys?

Not much is mentioned about gifts for men but hey, guys need love too!

So I’ve put together a gift guide to help you show your guy just how much you care.

1. L Howard Artistry In Leather

Laddie Howard is truly an artist. His leather pieces are luxurious and unique.

From bags and small leather goods to belts and cigar cases, there’s something for the well tailored man in your life.

2. Perky LLC

The inventor of The Perky Collar, David Frankel, has created kiosk featuring a line of men’s accessories.

From bow ties to pocket squares, this spot in South Park Mall is a Go-To for men’s gifts.

3. Clinique

Clinique is known for their skincare. But did you know they have a line for men?

There are moisturizers, sunscreens, dark spot correctors and even a beard conditioner.

Stop by the Clinique counter inside Belk at SouthPark Mall and let Jenna and her skin professionals find a skincare regimen to keep his face handsome and healthy for years!

4. Neiman Marcus Charlotte

A Keith & James Fedora can transform any outfit.

Or step up his shoe game with a pair of Christian Louboutins.

Troy and Dawn of Neiman Marcus at SouthPark Mall will help you find something to keep your guy dapper from head to toe!

5. Michael Kors

Michael Kors has several options for guys.

Shoes, briefcases, bags and watches are just a few items to choose from.

6. Teach Me How To Love

No relationship is perfect. But Author Troy Spry has written a book to help it be as close to perfect as possible. Understanding yourself and your mate will make for a solid foundation to build such a relationship. A must read for men and women.

7. YRD Clothing & Affiliated Apparel

Loungewear has been the most worn clothing items for almost a year now. These two designers offer some comfortable, yet stylish versions for the guys.

Your man can still look put together while remaining casual with outfits from YRD Clothing and Affiliated Apparel.

8. SCNT Candles

Men like nice smells too. They wear cologne to smell nice. So why wouldn’t they want their home or office to smell nice too?

SCNT Candles offers Manly Smells, a mix of Musk, Patchouli, Sage and Mahogany.

Support a small business and give him a gift he will love!

9. Massage Envy Indian Trail

A couples massage or one just for him, either way, Massage Envy at Indain Trail has several options for the man you love.

And until 2/14 you can buy a $100 gift card for him and get a free $25 card for yourself!

10. BFIT

If a man loves you enough to give you his heart, love him enough to help him take care of it.

Lee offers private and online personal training.

Don’t want to goto the gym? No problem, Lee will bring the gym to you.

He is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist.

11. Chima Steakhouse

I added an eleventh option that you both can enjoy. A dinner at the luxurious Chima Steakhouse in uptown Charlotte. Let host Tony Quiros show you an evening you will never forget.

I hope you found something here to give your guy to show your love, not just for Valentine’s Day, but every day!

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