Roman Holiday: Holiday Seen


When Rita Miles announced this years Charlotte Seen holiday show theme I was hooked.

Ahhhh Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actress, combined with Gregory Peck and tons of fashion, Making Roman Holiday one of the best movies ever made.

The three shows were packed with elegance. I’m bringing you a few of my favorites looks.

Sleeves…Dolman, Butterfly, One Shoulder or Elaborate, sleeves were prominent on the runway.

Mermaid styles and peplums also caught my eye.

(I had to borrow the next two pics I was videoing this portion.)

Careese Robinson

Patterns, Patterns, PATTERNS!!!

Menswear showed lots of patterns. Plaids, Brocades and Embroideries made for some very dapper outfits.

Reds and Greens!!!

Lots of red and green on the runway. I love red for the holidays and these can carry through to Valentines Day as well.

But my all time favorite pieces were those classic, straight from a black and white movie designs.

I imagine Audrey Hepburn herself would approve.

I hope everyone had a very Happy and Roman Holiday!

Charlotte Seen

Check out my YouTube Vlog for more coverage of the shows

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