The Gift That Keeps On Giving


On Sunday I was given a gift from Grammy Nominated Singer and Songwriter Alvin Garrett.

I was given the gift of time travel.

I was listening to the release of his newest single ‘My Gift To You’ via a zoom meeting with media and industry professionals.

It was no longer 2020. It was the mid ’80s and I was a teenager, lying on my canopy bed, listening to my local R&B station on the radio.

Music was music then. The words meant something. There was meaning to each verse. And the voices were soothing.

I was brought back to the current year as conversations about the song began.

Described as ‘old school’ and ‘grown folks music’, we each took something away from his song.

“I don’t want this song to be about any certain holiday” Garret said.

“I want you to make every day a holiday. Celebrate every day. Grab your significant other and dance in the living room.”

Alvin Garrett is a down to earth, humble man with a heart of gold. He is passionate about the non profit The Dannon Project

A re entry program helping newly released prisoners ease back into society.

Yes, Alvin Garrett gives the gift of himself to everyone he meets.

Now I’m sharing this gift with you all.

Alvin Garrett

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