Face Masks: The Newest Fashion Statement?


This cartoon is funny, but it’s message rings true.

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, face masks have become a way of life.

Many people are finding ways to let their personality show through the mask they wear.

Here’s 10 (ok 11) small businesses making the latest, necessary trend.

1. L. Howard Artistry In Leather

I’ve been a fan of his bags for years. He’s taken the same elegant craftsmanship and made these luxurious masks.

Comedian Rickey Smiley loves his so much he recently featured them on his Facebook page!

Shop L.Howard Artistry In Leather

2. Jade Sky

Walking into her boutique is like being in a psychedelic kaleidoscope.

The bright colors, unique designs and funky decor make for an amazing shopping experience.

Her masks are a reflection of that.

Shop Jade Sky

3. Affiliated Apparel

‘Tailored to the Culture’ is the mindset of designer Al Bowman.

His Upscale Urban Wear is a reflection of the world around him. So it’s only fitting that he created a mask that goes along with his esthetic.

Shop Affiliated Apparel

4. UnDaunted

Classy and Sassy are two ways to describe these designs.

She recently showed on the runway for Models Fighting Stroke and Epilepsy, a local non profit I work with.

She’s used the same classic styling for her masks.

Shop UnDaunted

5. Vinny McFly

This designer is known for his colorful, vibrant creations.

He keeps the energy going with these designer material face masks!

Shop Vinny McFly

6. Naturally Cam

This Etsy Shop has something for everyone. From sports fans to fashionistas, this shop has you covered. They even have some cute ones for the kiddos!

Shop Naturally Cam

7. The House Of Lemond with Neck Respect

One of my most beloved designers here in Charlotte has partnered with Neck Respect to bring us some amazing masks. From Gucci to Dubble Bubble Gum, show the world your personality!

Shop House of Lemond w/Neck Respect

8. Koubix African Fashion House

African Fashion at affordable prices. Koubix offers hand made African print masks through their Etsy shop. Check out their beautiful fashions too!

Shop Koubix African Fashion House

9. Sew-U-Nique

Alterations, custom designs and even Sip and Sews, make this shop sooooo unique! Of course their masks would reflect all that creativity. Bright, vibrant prints, florals and sports teams are just a few of the designs they offer!

Shop Sew-U-Nique

10. Camerica Creations

Not everyone wants designs and prints on their mask. This boutique provides some great options. Along with vibrant prints she also offers various solid colors or just black or white. While your on her site check out her beautiful clothing designs as well!

Shop Camerica Creations

11. Humble Connor

I could’t stop at 10. This bonus designer is the inspiration for this blog. My longtime favorite local designer and friend is donating her masks to essential workers.

With every purchase from her site she will include a custom face mask with your order.

Shop Humble Connor

A majority of stores and workplaces are requiring masks during this time.

Let’s make the best of it. Show your personality. Make a fashion statement. And support a small business.

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