Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: Bunny Slope Blues


I’ve always wanted to ski. Swooshing down the mountain in a fashionable snow suit.

Alas I realized, with my lack of coordination, I’d even be laughed off the Bunny Slopes.

Being made fun of by a group of 10 year olds isn’t my idea of a good day.

So why not just look the part???

This Faux Fur Hooded Jacket will make you look stylish on (or in my case off) the slopes.

With the Carmen Color Block Saffiano Leather Belted Satchel hanging from your arm, you will look like you belong at even the most exclusive ski resort.

Sun bouncing off snow is the most blinding combination.

To shield your eyes, and hide your shame, throw on a pair of Stowe sunnies in white.

You can fake it til you make it with this stylish combination!

To shop this look:

Michael Kors SouthPark will ship anywhere in the US for FREE for KORSVIP members.

Not a member?

They can sign you up over the phone! It’s fast, free and there a lot of benefits.

Call (704) 362-7000

Or shop online Here

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