Style It Saturday With Michael Kors: A Walk On The Wild Side


This outfit is not for the faint of heart. The shy. Or the wallflower.

THIS is a 100% DIVA ensemble!

This Feather-embroidered Wool blend dress just screams “Look at Me!!!”

And the best part…it’s on sale!!!

I could have went with a basic black bag.

But, why would I??

Diva’s believe More is more!

So I chose the sequined zebra print Whitney Bag.

A true Diva not only dresses to say “Look at Me” she also dons a pair of sunnies that say “Leave me alone”.

These Bermuda’s give a Risky Business vibe to this over the top look.

To shop this look call (704) 362-7000 . The SouthPark Mall location will ship anywhere in the US for FREE for KORSVIP members!

Not a member? They can sign you up over the phone. It’s quick, easy and free! Plus there’s lots of perks!

Or shop online Here