So Many Reasons


If you’ve followed me for awhile you know my connection to Robert ‘Reasons’ Brown is deep.

From our first meeting, arranged by mutual friend IV Montana, to the concerts he’s hosted and invited me to, we have supported each other in so many ways.

His latest concert, In the Meantime, brought back a couple of my favorites. Afro beats artist Ibe Bello, and designer The LOMK.

I also met a very quite young man 5 Way Mari whose stage presence was far greater than his timid interview led me to believe.

The crowd got hyped when he flawlessly jumped up onto a stool while performing!

Highlights can be seen in my YouTube Vlog Here

Reasons believes in lifting up others, and that’s the motivation behind his concerts.

And the reason he is a strong link in my circle.

This week he sent me a heartbreaking song he had just written. I knew immediately it was about his grandmother.

He wrote the song the day she passed away. So the pain was strong and apparent.

Yet he remains strong. Hattie Strong.