Stepping on Cracks


“Step on a crack, break your mother’s back”

“Sorry but you’re radiator has a crack in it. That’s gonna cost you”

“We found the perfect house. It’s beautiful on the outside but there’s a crack in the foundation”

A crack in anything, no matter how big or small, is concerning.

Even if they’re repaired, we’re prone to still worry about them.

Charlotte Author, Shelly R. Clark, has written a guide to permanently repairing any size crack.

These cracks are the most destructive. They’re cracks in our spirits. Our reputations. And our souls.

As we travel through this thing called life we often come across cracks. Sometimes they are even created by us.

Instead of falling into them, Shelly provides us with a detour map. Provided to her, and all of us, by God.

Sometimes the detour is long and hard.

“Don’t give up in the middle” she tells us.

And always follow the signs. Has God ever given you a sign? Did you realize it? Did you follow it?

Some are more open to them than others. Some are hardheaded and don’t listen the first time.

I am one of those people. So I understood where Shelly was coming from. And how hard it was for her to get here from there.

God’s signs aren’t always as clear as those we see along the roads we travel.

They could come in the form of a dream or a vision. Or through another person.

I’ve experienced all of these. Because I refused to listen the first time.

Shelly tells us that Our Father will attempt to get our attention by “whatever means necessary”.

Sometimes we don’t heed His warnings.

Now what do we do???

The author details ways to Press On and climb your way out.

1. Pray

2. Repent

3. Expect

4. Surrender

5. Speak

6. Overcome

7. Never Look Back

I’m not going to be like Google Maps and give you step by step details. I want you to read the instructions yourself.

Buy her book. Dog ear the pages. Underline passages. Carry it with you for inspiration.

I asked Shelly to send me three things that bring her joy.

Two of those things are family. And the third…elephants!!!

I was curious, so I looked into the traits of elephants.

Not only do they never forget, they’re also very playful. They are loyal to their family. And they seek to make friends.

They also have feelings similar to humans. They experience empathy. They respond to humans body language and voices and see the good and bad in us.

Kind of like Shelly.

She found a way climb out of the cracks. But instead of walking away, she is showing others how to repair those cracks, so no one else can fall into them.

Through her book ‘Beyond The Cracks’ Shelly shows us how to find Gods Grace and Mercy.

We are children of God. We are not failures. Cracks and all.

Shelly’s book can be purchased Here

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