Charlotte Fashion Week 2019


Charlotte Seen never disappoints with their fashion shows. Each year I tell Rita Miles and Rob McDowell that they cannot top the show I just watched. And each year they do just that.

I knew the shows leading up to their 100th would be nothing short of fabulous. I had no idea how fabulous it would be.

We started with a kickoff party at the top floor of The Vue. With food from Fleming’s and drinks from Tito’s, the night set the tone for the week ahead.

The shows were held at the Historic Ivey’s Hotel.

Once known as the most upscale Department Store around, The Ivey’s is now a luxury hotel centered in uptown Charlotte.

I’ve been wanting to tour this place since I first moved here. And now was my chance.

The opulence of the hotel was the only place befitting of the shows we were about to see.

Berhan Nebioglu sent her models, draped in vintage clothing, onto the runway with Ivey’s shopping bags. I was seated facing a photo of the front of the old department store and it looked as though her models were walking out of the black and white photo after a day of shopping!

My favorite designer Humble Connor took my breath away. Her latest designs have an eerie, gothic vibe that was a hit on the runway.

My friend Maurice of Classic Man Boutique paired up with Billionaire Bow Ties making for an exceptional presentation. You know how much I love Collaboration Over Competition and these two designers nailed it.

Model/Designer Fiona Rose’s collection had a 90s Barbie vibe. Her designs are quickly becoming another favorite of mine.

Although I’d already seen and written about Artist/Jewelry Designer Nelli Levental’s pieces, seeing them come to life on the models was amazing. The presentation was flawless.

Denim made a unique appearance with My Marlow. This up cycling Designer is on my radar now and I’m looking forward to seeing more from Hunter Andrews.

I’ve added another new favorite after seeing Atlanta Designer, House of La’Rue.

I’ve since connected with her and will be following her career. I’m so looking forward to seeing some Atlanta Shows with her designs.

Aubrey Harley went straight for my heart with his new Animal Print designs! From small peekaboo accents to full on King of The Jungle prints, his latest collection was Fierce!!

Fellow Tennessean Laura Citron brought back the ’70s with her Studio 54 inspired disco designs. The models donned colorful bobbed wigs making for an exceptional aesthetic show!

The Talkin’ Threads collection is near and dear to my heart. I had spotted the designer last year in the audience at a Charlotte Seen show and had to inquire about her beautiful outfit. She told me she had made it herself.

I immediately sent her the link to apply to show on the runway and this year, here she is!!!

An amazing, humble lady that was only coming to enjoy a show is now on the runway herself!!!

There’s a new kid on the block and he’s proving ‘one mans trash is another mans treasure’. The line from Eli Spizzo features a fun, up cycled street style. I love seeing young people and their passion for fashion.

Any Old Iron is not just any old designer! His designs are loud and flashy and demand attention!!! Kind of like me!

Andrew Clancy has outfitted Stars such as Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.

This British Gentleman now finds his home in Nashville.

And finally, no Charlotte Fashion Week is complete with the Bad Boyz Of Fashion.

I had a very precious moment before the shows started. I got to spend about 30 minutes with one of my favorite designers, Tony Howard. And I’ll forever cherish our conversation.

***Because I videoed his part of the show I’m using photos from photographer Careese Robinson and I’ll provide his link below.***

From his designs, down to getting his models ready to walk, this gentleman is the epitome of fashion to me. Nothing escapes his keen eye, and every little detail is perfection.

His first piece pays homage to Seen Queen, Rita Miles.

Rob McDowell usually does the behind the scenes work for Charlotte Seen. But for Tony’s Show he always shows up and shows out!

Speaking of showing out, this guy, George Hodge, ALWAYS makes an impact. He doesn’t simply walk the runway. He OWNS the catwalk! His walks have always left me speechless.

Tony Howard’s Bad Boyz of Fashion are truly the Queen City Kings.