Lootswaay Fest 2019


Collaboration over competition. These are three words I live by. And I only surround myself with like minded people.

Robert ‘Reasons’ Brown is one of those people. We were actually introduced by another such person, Rapper IV Montana.

The three of us are constantly hustling to make a name for ourselves. But none of us want to make it to the top alone.

This is the premise for Lootswaay Fest 2019.

Named after his clothing line, Lootswaay, Robert practiced what he preaches.

He put together an event for fellow musicians to showcase their talents. And he asked me to come along.

I got to speak to a few of them before they went on stage. I asked about their journey. I asked about their ups and downs. And their favorite moments in their careers so far.

One young man name Kiiba told me he is the best rapper around.

I was intrigued. Trying to see the fine line between confidence and arrogance.

As he left the stage I shook his hand. “You most certainly proved yourself” I told him.

His range. His ability to freestyle. And to change gears so quickly. His confidence was validated.

Another young man, Leo, didn’t exude confidence. He was quitter than most musicians I’ve talked to before. And I pretty much had to pull details of his quite impressive career out of him.

He hit the stage and immediately transported me back in time to the old school R&B I grew up hearing.

The body of a young man held the soul and voice of an old soul.

When Jeronica picked up the mic I turned to IV Montana and said “Her voice needs to meet your voice and I need to hear it!”

He was thinking the same thing. I’m excited for the upcoming collab between these two.

Collaboration over competition. That’s what it’s all about.

IV Montana showed up, not to perform. Not to be seen. But to support his friend.

I’ve written about these guys and I’ll link those blogs below so you can see how amazing they both are.

Instead of stepping over people and forgetting those that helped to rise to the top, these two pull the rest of us along with them.

Collaboration…it’s the only way. It’s Lootswaay.



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