Haute Dogs In the City: From Rescue to Runway


My blogging career has gone to the dogs. Literally.

Charlotte Seen let the fur fly today during Haute Dogs In the City.

Our furry friends hit the runway dressed in the finest Doggie Couture.

There were Dapper Dudes.

And Supermodels sporting pink.

There were Divas. This one was giving me a run for my money.

Some were just ready for a nap.

This one proudly showed off her bikini and coordinating sunglasses.

Doggie Couture was available for the shopaholic doggies.

There was ‘Pup Corn’.

And ‘Haute Dogs’.

With ‘Paw-Tato’ Chips.

There were giveaways from our sponsor New South Insurance.

And we were safe with Skye from Paw Patrol on duty.

There was music and dancing.

Most importantly we got to hear these furry models stories.

Many were rescued. Some were service animals. And some were longtime family pets.

We heard stories of one dog predicting the changes in its owners blood sugar. And the emotional support one gave it’s cancer survivor owner.

We learned that North Carolina has one of the highest numbers of euthanized animals.

And the importance of Pet Adoption.

Spread the news! Make sure your pets are spayed and neutered. Foster and adopt.

We all have to do more for mans best friend.

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