Be it ever so Humble…


I met photographer Don Porter when I first hit the fashion scene in Charlotte a few years back.

Pretty much everything I know about the world of fashion shows I learned from him.

So when he asked me to attend a photo shoot at his studio I was ready. Eager to learn more from my knowledgeable teacher.

Then he told me who the designer was. Humble Connor. And I was on cloud nine.

I had met her briefly last year. But I’ve been a fan for several years after seeing her designs on the runway at Charlotte Fashion Week.

I’m drawn to her dramatic, oversized sleeves and her ruching fabrics.

She asked if I’d like to try on one of her pieces. I’ve never been so excited to put on an article of clothing in my life!!!

The feeling of wearing something that will be on the runway soon is a feeling I cannot even describe.

The first piece was an all black outfit. Pairing her own violin against the puffy black sleeves was striking. And the model, Erica Miller, was a good sport, posing on a ladder despite her fear of heights.

The second look was this sea of tulle paired with the most gorgeous satin pants. First photographed with the denim jacket I tried on then without.

We finished up outside at a construction site with my favorite outfit of the day.

The asymmetrical cut of this suit and the colors blew me away. And I would rock this ensemble in any situation.

I got to know the designer and realized her heart and personality were just as amazing as her designs. And I can’t wait to see more.

Getting to watch Don in action was also an experience. I normally see him perched at the end of a runway. He’s a very talented photographer.

Spending the day with two of my favorites in the fashion world was truly Humbling.

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