All you need is Love


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

I just wanted to write a short little blog about True Love.

When I was around 9-10, Love’s Baby Soft perfume was very popular.

My mom refused to buy it for me. All of my classmates wore it. And my whole ballet class smelled like the sweet baby powder scent that I wanted so bad.

Our ballet class had Secret Santa that year. I hoped and wished to be able to open my gift and find a box of the much coveted scent.

But while all the other girls opened their tiny rectangular boxes and squealed in delight at their new bottle, I looked at my box. Not wanting to open it. It was much too big to be a bottle of perfume.

The teacher finally persuaded me to open it.

It wasn’t a bottle of perfume… It was a whole gift set of Love’s Baby Soft products!!!

My mom wasn’t very pleased, but I was ecstatic!!! I’ll never forget that feeling.

It remained one of my favorite Christmas memories. Until this year.

My 9 year old Grand Diva spent her money at Santa’s Workshop on gifts for her family.

When I was her age I had just started collecting all things Japanese. I also wished for my beloved perfume.

When I opened my gift it was two things from my childhood that I loved the most. A Japanese fan and my favorite scent.

From a sweet little girl who knew nothing of my 9 year old self.

Yet she has my genes. My Diva genes. And she just knew.

One day she will understand my confused look.

She will understand why I said “But how did you know?”

And one day she will understand the tears of joy I shed that Christmas.

And she too, will have memories of True Love.

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