Pick 6


No, I wasn’t playing football. I was playing dress up at one of Charlotte’s most charming boutiques.

My blogger friend Reagan and I spent the afternoon at Apricot Lane trying on half of the store.

What started out as a ‘Top 3 Picks’ turned into a Top 5, and eventually and Top 6. Well 7 if you wanted to go for the field goal and include the cute clover shaped necklace.

Pick #1:

This dress will be living in my closet soon. It’s soft and comfy and will look great paired with my over the knees boots or some tights and flats.


Why wear your heart only on your sleeve when you can wear it all over?? This distressed sweater would be perfect for Valentines Day.


Anyone that knows me can tell you my closet is a jungle. Full of leopards. They say leopard print is back in style but to me it never left. I consider it a neutral.

Since it has the same distressing as the heart sweater I think it would look best paired with some tailored black trousers. Or if you’re really adventurous try some red or fuchsia leggings!


This sweater was one that I was unsure of but took to the fitting room anyway. It’s so soft and a beautiful color of pink that this redheaded blogger can pull off. It can be worn with jeans or skirts. Try wearing it off one shoulder with a cute bra or cami strap showing.


I was struck by the color blocking stripes. And surprised by the softness of this sweater. To be honest, everything in the store is incredibly soft. This would look great with jeans and a beanie coordinating with one of the stripes.

#6…ok and 7:

This sage green top complimented my hair and skin tone so well. It can also be worn off the shoulder and can be dressed up or down.

The batwing sleeves hide the parts of my arm I don’t like emphasized.

And makes a perfect backdrop for the icy silver necklace.

Now can you see why I couldn’t just pick 3? Or 5??

I’ve never been to a more welcoming, friendly shop. And the clothing really compliments my figure.

They don’t try to sell you something that doesn’t make you look and feel great.

Your smile and your style are their calling card.

Every shopping trip is a Touchdown!




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