YCFW: Behind the Scenes Part X-Porcelain Doll Photo Shoot


As an avid doll collector for most of my life I was excited about this photo shoot.

It would combine two of my loves…Dolls and Fashion.

The models first went through hair and makeup. Transforming them into living dolls.

The model coaches, stylists and photographers kicked their creativity into overdrive to pull off this shoot.

Watching one of our big burly photographers showing a model how to ‘sit daintily’ on a chair was hysterical. But it just shows his dedication.

We had cherub faced baby dolls.

Life size Barbie and Bratz dolls.

Can’t you just picture this doll being brought back as a souvenir from a visit to some exotic location??

And your grandmothers stunning antique porcelain doll. That you take out of its display case and pose for photos.

These models really showed their range and talent that day. And the team behind them brought us a beautiful doll collection.

We’re Here For It!!!






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