Mellow Yellow


My Daddy’s favorite color was yellow.

After he passed away I wanted to wear it as a way to feel close to him.

My hair color and skin tone make it almost impossible.

It’s one of ‘those colors’ I can’t pull off. I look like a deranged sunflower.

Browsing through Target one day, checking out their new Wild Fable collection, I was inspired by this mesh top.

Maybe if the yellow wasn’t so predominate I could get by with it.

I paired it with one of Target’s basic yellow V-neck T-shirts and some black and white striped wide leg pants, also from Wild Fable.

I found a pair of yellow slides from the A New Day line and my outfit was complete.

With the exception of my YSL Blogger bag my entire outfit is from Target.

Never say you can’t wear something. There’s always a way!


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