Splish Splash and Lots of Sass


Last Saturday was kids day on the runway at Hilton Charlotte University Place.

Charlotte Seen presented the Splish Splash Fashion Show benefitting the Giving Back Warm Hugs charity.

This charity was started by kids to benefit kids that don’t have every day necessities.

So it’s only fitting that this Charlotte Seen show would be about kids.

We were greeted by the cutest lemonade stand. The money made went to a community outreach program for area kids.

With nine showcases there were plenty of pictures to take.

There was cuteness overload with the youngest models.

And plenty of sass from the pre teen and teenagers.

From bathing suits to raincoats. Mermaid crowns and tutus. Anything that would bring delight to a child’s closet could be found.

As we left we saw some of the models being interviewed about their experience.

As usual Charlotte Seen put on a superb show.

Sassy and Classy!



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