Making my way downtown….


I’ve been a frequent visitor to Rock Hill since working with York County Fashion Week.

I’m discovering more and more of the quaintness of this town with each visit.

Our recent photo shoot was at the Historic White Home.

A place so rich in history I was mesmerized.

A tour of this fine old gal is a must.

After the shoot I wandered around a bit. Since the location was right off downtown I decided to take a stroll.

Picket fences and corner stones add detail to an already charming street.

Store windows lend a retro vibe.

I enjoyed a croissant at Amelie’s. One of my favorite spots in Charlotte is also in Rock Hill.

I heard the undeniable sound of water. I followed the sound and came upon Fountain Park.

It was much more than a fountain though. It was a recital. And the water drops were the dancers.

They moved in unison as they put on the perfect show.

I suggest you hop in your car for a day trip to Rock Hill. Walk around. Stop and smell the roses. Eat the croissant.


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