#TBT: Throw Back Target


Target has been killing it this year with their fashion.

The Who What Wear collection gave Target a much needed nod from the fashion world.

The addition of A New Day and Universal Thread has made Target highly coveted among bloggers and on Instagram.

Today marks the launch of their newest in house line Wild Fable. My friend Reagan and I stopped by to check things out.

The new line will be more focused on trends.

Their launch brings the 90’s back with a bang!

Camo joggers in the parachute materiel and fur trimmed bags scream 1990.

Polo shirt dresses that can be paired with sneakers.

Plaid pants lend a vintage preppy feel.

And who didn’t love their Caboodle??? Great for storing makeup or jewelry. These will be a definite hit.

If you’re ‘Clueless’ about fashion (see what I did there?) don’t worry. These vintage inspired pieces can easily mix and match. They represent an era where fashion had no rules and boundaries were pushed to the limit.

These bags pay homage to the skater boy trend that was born almost thirty years ago. Yeah, let that sink in Millennials.

I’m loving the Gucci vibe this bag is giving.

Beware of the return of the acid washed jeans. Not just any jean. But the high waisted mom jean.

Crop tops will have you singing along with Brittney Spears songs.

Logo trucker hats are also popular.

Color blocking, windbreakers and satin gym shorts are a true throw back.

No outfit was complete without a choker.

Don’t forget your mood ring.

Remember the grunge phase? Floral dresses, flannel shirts and Doc Martins were goto outfits.

These are two of my favorite pieces. I rocked berets before Prince made them cool.

And the checkerboard bag is too cute.

Put on the movie Clueless, tease you hair up extra big and head to your local target and check out The Wild Fable Collection.

Head over to Reagan’s blog to see her favorites from the collection



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