YCFW: Behind The Scenes Part VIII- Picture Perfect


Modeling is easy right? They just stand there looking pretty. And all the photographer has to do is click the camera. What’s so hard about that???

Wrong….so very wrong!!!!

So much goes into getting that one perfect shot.

Models are hoisted into trees!

Photographers do whatever it takes to get the perfect angle.

They also do double duty a lot. Sometimes steaming the wrinkles out of dresses.

Models stand patiently while the tiniest of details are attended to.

Every shot is checked and double checked for lighting, angles and closed eyes.

There’s also the notion that models never eat.

And that they’re always graceful.

I’m learning more and more along the way. I’m seeing that models are real people just like me.

They put in a lot of hard work.

And photographers do so much more than just click away on their cameras. They transport heavy equipment. They work against time and light to get just the right shot.

They know the importance of angles and shadows.

The stylists spend hours putting together the perfect combination of clothing. Through trial and error they eventually produce what the public will see. They are representing the designers and the boutiques in the best possible way.

The next time you see that ‘Perfect Picture’ just remember everything it took to get it.

And behind every Perfect Picture is always the ‘Perfect Team’

We’re Here For It!!!







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