YCFW Behinds The Scenes Part VI: Up Up and Away


I watched as the stylist adjusted every little detail on the models until they were happy with the look. The hair and makeup team did a flawless job. And the model coaches were giving last minute advice.

It was time to hit the runway.

But not their normal runway.

It was time for the official York County Fashion Week promotional shoot and their stage was the York County Airport runway.

Being surrounded by private jets, photographers and models sounds so glamorous right????


It was the middle of June….in South Carolina…..on an asphalt runway…..for three hours!!!!

It was HOT!!! There were GNATS!!!

Fortunately the team came prepared. Towels for wiping the sweat off the models. And sunscreen and Off were used just as much as makeup and hairspray.

Despite the heat I was excited for this new venture. Seeing what all goes into a professional photo shoot blew my mind.

So many pictures of what seems like the exact same pose at first. But as I watched I noticed slight variations in each shot.

The photographers and model coaches molded the models like clay. Creating beautiful still shots.

I got to help some of the photographers and I even got to suggest some poses!!!

We have such an incredible team. I can’t wait to see the finished product. I can look back on York County’s very first fashion week and say “I was a part of that!”





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