Treble in Paradise ðŸŽ¼


I can never forget an episode of The Voice where I heard a soulful rendition of ‘Son of A Preacher Man’.

It was sung so fervently that one would forget the songs original vocalist.

Fast forward a few years. My friend IV Montana told me he’s directing a video and wanted to know if I’d like to meet the artist.

Imagine my delight when I realized I was sitting across from that voice!!! Bindi Liebowitz, The voice from The Voice! The singer who’d touched my soul years ago with one of my favorite songs.

After composing myself from a major fan girl moment I started my interview.

I noted she doesn’t have a set genre for her music. That is a deliberate choice dictated by her voice and how she feels about each song.

She grew up in New Jersey listening to Motown.

At age 14 her mother sent her to a school for performing arts.

At her moms urging she went to college and majored in communications. It always makes us mamas happy when our kids have degrees.

I know an old soul when I see one. So I found my connection with her in many ways.

She’s very spiritual. Taking the name Bindi after wearing one every day. It reminds her that she is on a journey and has a purpose in life.

The biggest obstacle in her career came when her mother battled cancer. Not once, but twice. The strong woman that raised her was weakened by the heartless disease.

Bindi withdrew. She stopped singing. But her mother pushed her.

She finished college and continued her career.

She ended up on Season 11 of The Voice. A launching pad for her career.

It opened many doors. One of those doors brought her to Charlotte.

As our conversation grew deeper we discovered our mutual love of butterflies. And slowly realized why our paths had crossed.

Her story, tho far from over, is an inspiration to me. To everyone.

She left me with these words. “We shouldn’t pray for wealth or fame….Pray that you can do the thing you love.”

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