YCFW Behind The Scenes Part IV: It’s a Boutique Crawl Y’all!


They woke up like this right??

This was after three stops and seven hours of YCFW’s first Boutique Crawl.

These young ladies had a full day of visiting different boutiques/stores, hair and makeup, coaching session, photo shoots and interviews.

And I was along for the ride. And once again, I’m bringing my readers along with us.

Our first stop was a boutique in York, SC. But as soon as we all arrived we received word that the owner had a medical emergency.

Our founder NaTasha immediately put plan B into motion. In less than ten minutes she arranged for the girls to take over the Jr clothing section of the Target in Rock Hill, SC.

The models were instructed to pick an outfit fitting their personality. They would later be interviewed and asked to explain their choices and why they were drawn to them.

The next stop was Southern Charm also in Rock Hill.

This beautiful venue will be host to our upcoming shows in October.

Despite the sweltering South Carolina heat, the models went through hair and makeup flawlessly.

Michel’le, one of our model coaches and Ken our director worked with the girls on their walks and poses.

When asked to show her runway walk, the youngest proceeded to take off skipping. Such a precious moment. Why can’t we all skip down the runway of life??

We wrapped up at that venue with Ken interviewing the young ladies about their outfits. Why they chose them. How they feel on. How they feel about the upcoming shows.

Then we were on the road again headed to Simply Jane Formals in Tega Cay.

The girls that goofed around and giggled their way thru the day were magically transformed into graceful beauties worthy of a Disney Princess.

They couldn’t have done a better job choosing their own gowns.

Even our fearless leader NaTasha played dress up.

The day finally came to an end. Another new experience under my belt.

I’m learning so much. We see the finished result when we attend fashion shows. But there’s so much going on leading up to that.

And things don’t always run smoothly. And the models aren’t always ‘on’. And things don’t always fit. And I’m there to document it all.

When something doesn’t fit you improvise!

When a loud plane goes over during an interview you have take 2….or 3…..or 5…..

And then there are the moments when girls are being girls

Cell phones are a girls best accessory.

There were the moments I captured when they didn’t know I was watching.

Those precious moments where the girls were being themselves. They were just glowing.

I took on this project to gain knowledge. But also to pass that knowledge along to my readers.

The next time you watch a fashion show just remember how much actually went into the making.

We’re Here for It!!!



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