YCFW Behind The Scenes Part III: The Boutique Crawl


Another week closer to York County Fashion Week in October and another meeting under my belt.

This weeks subject was the upcoming Boutique Crawl.

First of all what is a ‘Boutique Crawl’? Is it like a Pub Crawl? (Which is a glorified millennial term for bar hopping).

Well kind of, but not really.

Although we will be ‘drinking in the lovely fashions’ we will only be drunk off all the amazing outfits we will see.

So what will actually be happening?

Ok, most of the models have been chosen.

A lot of designers and boutiques have been signed.

The Boutique Crawl is when the team goes from location to location viewing what they will be showing in October. About three or four per Crawl.

We will see which model will wear which outfit. How it will be styled etc.

This is the first of many leading up to the actual event.

Once again I’m learning how much actually goes into the fabulous shows I’ve attended.

We’re Here for It!!!


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