Unique Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day is fast approaching. I’m bringing you 10 gift ideas sure to make dad happy.

Most dads will insist they don’t need anything. And they end up with yet another tie.

Don’t buy him a tie…..

Unless it comes from the first spot on my list.

1. The House of LeMond

Anything and everything from LeMond!

You can’t go wrong with clothing or home choices. Guaranteed to make dad Dapper!!


2. Teri Joy Photography.

Book a photo session for dad. She’s the queen of candid shots. Capture the true essence of your dad while he’s doing some of his favorite things. Whether he’s swinging a golf club or sitting in his recliner watching tv, Teri will nail it every time.


3. L. Howard Leather Goods

Every piece is hand made. From travel bags to cigar cases, the attention to detail is amazing.


4. Royal Oils Grooming Company

Men who take pride in their appearance will find everything they need here.


5. Chinó Arté by Wayne

Your dad is not boring so why should his clothes be? These unique designs will help him stand out in the crowd.


6. Megan Dunbar Photography

Kids don’t let dads have boring walls! Megan takes such amazing shots. Whether they’re in his office or his man cave, the walls will make a statement!


7. Rook and King

Let dads personality shine through with these uniques and creative lapel pins.


8. I’MAGE Consulting

Treat dad to a makeover! Let Eugene choose a few outfits or craft a complete wardrobe. Dad will look and feel too cool for school 😎.


9. Black Fathers Rock T

This movement was created by Ryan Jor El to change the narrative and dispel the notion that all black Fathers are absent. By purchasing him a T Shirt dad can show the world that he ROCKS! Or that he supports the cause!


10. Fashion and Fatherhood Book.

This item is also brought to you by Ryan Jor El. Ryan is serious about fatherhood. So it’s only fitting he’s in this blog twice.

This book details how he merged dressing fashionably with becoming a father.

Also why you shouldn’t wear cashmere in the delivery room!


There you have it. My top ten pics for Unique Father’s Day gifts.

Doesn’t dad deserve something special? After all, he’s put up with you all these years!

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