Awww Man!! Ask A Man: Part II


Just when I thought men couldn’t get any more transparent, along comes Part II of one of the most controversial events I’ve ever attended.

The first Ask A Man was so raw. It left the audience in a unique combination of rage and confusion.

I was almost afraid to see what the men had to say this time!

The evening was hosted by Sex and the Queen City and Ryan Jor El. It started out way less heated than the previous event.

Once again a panel of six men lined up for a no holds barred discussion of sex, love and relationships.

The discussion started where the last one left off. Social media and its effect on your relationship.


If social media is a constant argument then deal with it. Don’t ignore it. Try to understand why something is bothering her.

The women voiced they don’t like seeing where their man has ‘liked’ other women’s pics. Especially the sexy ones.

The men agreed that at first the women on IG get their attention. But looks don’t carry a relationship.

Those thirty pics you didn’t post are what you REALLY look like!

Looks DO matter despite what most men claim. They don’t see your personality at first.

Men want beauty over pretty. Outside looks have to match their inside.

“Don’t look at who your man is liking, look at who he’s wifing!”


The panel agrees that its important to continue dating your spouse.

Agree what constitutes a date.

Schedule time. Communication is a form of dating. Simply leaving your phone in another room and having a conversation qualifies.

“The way you get her is the way you keep her”


The men love it! It strokes their egos.

They basically told us to face it. There’s a small pool of qualified men. Don’t sit back and wait.

Women are told to go after what we want. So go after him!

But our hostess voiced a flaw in this plan.

It makes us feel like we’re not wanted. Like you would have pursued us if you really wanted us.

It changes the pace of a relationship.

But the men disagreed.

“Open up the conversation with us. An Alfa Male will then take control”


Some men just aren’t the marrying kind. Or the relationship kind.

They cannot be changed. They’re not going to suddenly realize they want the white picket fence and 2.5 kids and a dog.

If you’re dealing with someone that hasn’t been in a relationship realize they want it that way.

“If a man doesn’t meet your criteria and doesn’t change then he doesn’t want you”


Ah….your ‘number’.

Is a man who’s been with a lot of women able to commit to a monogamous relationship?

The guys all said YES!

They won’t brag to a woman about their number. But women usually know yet go after them anyway with the expectation of changing him.

Do men want to know our number??

NO!!! They want us to lie. Even after an audience member mentioned her number was two the men were shocked.

“Lie to us. Tell us your number is four. Always say four”


Sex on the first date. Taboo to most women. But what if it happens? Do men think badly of you? Do they think this is common behavior for you?

Do they worry you sleep with every guy on the first date?

No….they could care less. Well four of the six(I asked for a show of hands).

The guys really want to know what’s the rush? They really do want to get to know us. But either way it doesn’t really affect their opinion of us.

The women were upset with men stating ahead of time they’re looking to settle down but refuse to label us as their girlfriends. Maybe we’re not the one.

“Stop telling us that. Too much pressure! We will constantly be looking for that validation.”

All in all it was a much calmer conversation than the previous one. There was a different feel in the room.

It’s as if the women realized ‘ok maybe we do need to listen instead of trying to change their words to fit our needs’

Both sides were open to negotiations this time around.

Maybe we CAN eventually understand the way men think.

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