York County Fashion Week: My Behind The Scenes Journey Part II


You can’t have a fashion show without models. Graceful and gazelle like, they slink down the runway with their eyes of steel focused on no one and nothing.

Mere fabric is transformed into couture once its draped upon their bodies.

But what we don’t see during these fashion shows is the hours of diligent training. By the models as well as the team behind them.

YCFW Founder NaTasha briefs the team before the models come through.

This being my first go around I was taking in every detail.

The models were gathered in separate rooms. 18 and under and adults.

We entered each room and introduced ourselves. We described our roll in YCFW before reassembling in the meeting room.

The team was made up of model coaches, designers, photographers, stylists and this blogger.

I expected each contender to march in and command our attention, leaving us in awe of their supermodel stature.

What I saw instead were real people. Just like me. Peering nervously into the room. Scoping out the team that would be determining their fate.

I witnessed them quickly chastise themselves for making a mistake that was noticeable only to themselves.

Each model was instructed to do two walks. A basic runway walk and a personality walk.

The personality walks ranged from “classy and sassy” to “my mom is making me do this”

The coaches saw so much potential in the room. They will be working closely with the models on confidence and eye contact among other things.

So my first step in the YCFW process is under my belt. I realized the models don’t just show up and show out.

Some traveled quite far to see if they make the cut.

Parents waited nervously. The models waited nervously.

While they are beautiful and graceful on the outside, inside they’re just like the rest of us.



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