The Tables Have Turned


I recently sat down with Jon Agnew, creator of Bikedope clothing and podcast host.

I’ve interviewed a lot of people. But interviewing an interviewer would be kind of difficult right?

I normally schedule my meetings wherever is most convenient. But I was strategic in choosing a place this time.

Knowing his curious nature, I had Jon to meet me in the heart of Noda, Charlotte’s quirky, artsy area. And I watched as his attention was drawn by each passerby.

“Everyone has a story” he said. And I share that belief.

We’ve been Instagram friends for awhile. I don’t remember how but I do know why.

I’m a firm believer in God placing people in our lives. I’ve seen it happen in my life over and over.

You might look at us as a mismatched pair. The tough as nails, Detroit born Marine Veteran and the southern fashionista.

But people like us would look at a pair like us and try to find the common denominator.

We share a passion to know everything about everyone. To dig deep and find how people arrived at their place in life.

We’ve both looked death in the eye. We both died and came back. He from a heart attack and me from a car wreck.

And we’ve both heard the terrifying words “your child has tested positive for Sickle Cell”.

Though my daughter is a carrier she does experience symptoms and has had problems her whole life. But Jon’s son has the full blown disease.

Where as I sheltered my child from the reality of Sickle Cell he confronts it head on with his.

He doesn’t baby him. He doesn’t put him in a bubble. He lets him live a normal life. But it’s always looming. Always popping up. And we want to find a cure.

Jon uses his brand as a platform for Sickle Cell advocacy.

He started his podcast to introduce us to the people he encounters.

The homeless guy that rescues dogs, the mother of 13, basketball players and musicians.

He believes simple things in life get overlooked. People are quick to dismiss someone and look down on them.

When you have the inquisitiveness that Jon and I share you look at those that are down and you find out why and how and what you can do to change that.

Bikedope’s mission statement is to encourage the uninspired. Never compromise your inner truth.

The podcast brings a voice to that. He’s not easy on his subjects. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. I’ve listened as he’s gone in hard on them. Not out of cruelty. But to get to them to see the reality of themselves.

His family is kind of weary of his venture. His oldest son thinks it’s cool. The younger one just knows Dad talks to people. And his wife isn’t fond of his language and approach at times. But she realizes he’s following his dreams. She’s seeing the growth. She’s seeing him catching the dreams he’s been chasing.

His mom hasn’t accepted his new path in life yet. He was raised by a single mother who gave of herself to give her only child a better life. Being a mother myself I can understand her desire to see him in a stable career. But she created this stubborn, freethinking passionate being. There’s no changing him.

When you see someone wearing some of his gear you will know they’re a person that’s inspired and believes in themselves. They are dream chasers.

Bikedope stands for






Ourselves was



The interview was not difficult at all. I asked the questions that I already knew the answers to. I looked at the world through the eyes of someone that saw things the same way I do.

When the tables were turned I was confronted with a reflection of myself.

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