Blogger ——->Model


You read it right. On April 22 this Diva traded fashion blogging for walking the runway.

There were several reasons. It was for a good cause. And I got some behind the scenes experience. And no one tells Lynette Smith “NO”!

When she told me about her foundation I immediately offered to blog it. I told her I’d suffered anxiety and depression my whole life and I’d love to help bring attention to the cause.

She said “You are going to walk in my show!”

There was no getting out of it.

I would be walking the runway along with others as the story of our battle with mental illness was read.


Lynette started ‘Girls Too Women INC’ as a result of her own battle with depression. She wanted to help other young women that are fighting the same demons.

My transparency could be someone else’s breakthrough.

Words I’ve heard over and over recently. So I took it as a sign.

Dressed provided us with lovely formal wear for the event.

I was so excited to have Bernadette involved. She has an amazing story. She’s one of the first people I met after moving here four years ago and she’s been such an inspiration to me.

The models attended meetings and fittings. We had conference calls and daily group texts.

Some dropped out. We all had our panic moments. But we had each other. And we stuck it out.

Finally the day arrived. A room full of women with anxiety. In overdrive.

But we had fun. We created memories. And we shined.

One by one we walked out in front of a sold out audience as our lowest moments were read aloud.

This one right here!!! We all have that one friend….that one sister….that we always get into mischief with. We were bad. Yet so good. My twin soul. ❤️

This photo affects me deeper than any other moment during the whole show process. The first time I saw her she was sitting in the back of our first meeting. Hood over her head. Sunglasses on. Arms crossed. Not speaking to anyone. Seeing her blossom and come out of her cocoon and becoming this beautiful confident butterfly is something I will never forget. This moment is what the whole movement is all about. I’m so very proud of her. And proud to call her my sister now.

This woman amazes me to no end. The heartbreak she’s suffered is enough to kill even the strongest of us. But she is a survivor. My strong, sassy sister. ❤️

So many times we wanted to cry. To panic. To freak out. And my sister right here lightened the mood each time. She made us laugh when we felt like crying. She made us dance when we felt like hiding. Without her we would have fallen apart.

This angel. My little sister. The one that was supposed to be learning from me. Yet taught me so much.

I watched her from the time she entered the room to get ready. As the makeup and hair and dress came together and she looked in the mirror she saw what we saw. Bravery. Beauty. Strength.

She was the quietest of us all. And her story was one of the most painful. The grief in her eyes and in her posture disappeared and was replaced by this strong, gorgeous, amazing woman. My sisters silence spoke to us the loudest.

I don’t know how they put up with all of us. Two very strong men right here!! Our brothers in a henhouse full of mean ole sisters. Thank you for sharing your story. For inspiring us with your strength.

This woman….our Queen. Our leader. And her family that graciously let us borrow her for this event. She gave it her all and her beautiful family was right by her side supporting her. Supporting all of us. My sister. My niece and nephew. ❤️

I was grateful to see familiar faces. Lorri and Winston from the Prosocialites rocked the Red Carpet. And my friend Chris graced us with one of his spoken word pieces.

I confronted my fears. I stepped outside my comfort zone. I gained lifelong friends. And I saw the makings of a fashion show instead of the watching from the front row.





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