Grandma Polly and her Big Rig Kids


I first met Renee Brown aka ‘Grandma Polly’ at a MLK Benefit hosted by Kevan Glover and the Konnected Foundation.

With her boots, plaid flannel shirt and leopard print cowboy hat, I knew she was someone I had to know.

Having just published her second book in the Big Rig Kids series, Renee strives to crush stereotypes and bring attention to adversities children face today.

But writing children’s books wasn’t her original plan. In fact it was never her plan at all.

After driving a truck for years, Renee had saved and was organizing a non profit homeless facility for single mothers and their children.

But God said “No!”

She struggled with giving up her plans. She questioned God. She was trying to help people. Why would God want her to give that up???

But HE had a better idea. A bigger and better way to help families.

He gave her five diversely ethnic characters.

She named the main character after her own Grandma Polly. And gave the Big Rig her grandfather’s nickname for her, Sapphire.

The first two books focus on Sickle Cell and Bullying.

The books don’t just tell stories. They are a movement.

Community Blood drives and benefits bring attention to the little known disease Sickle Cell Anemia.

She brings her anti bullying campaign to after school programs around the country.

With at least eight books planned, Renee believes she can spark conversations that will connect and strengthen families.

The real life Big Rig Kids do a lot for their communities.

They spread the word about the importance of donating blood. They march to bring attention to Sickle Cell. They perform role play exercises on handling different bullying scenarios. And they hand out care packages to the homeless.

God loans us our children. It’s our job to educate them and help them grow physically and emotionally.

Renee teaches her own children and grandchildren as well as her readers that you can’t grow if you stay in your comfort zone. You’ve got to get uncomfortable.

You can’t always go by your own timeline.

Grandma knows best!

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