The Takeover: Far East Meets The South Edition


This week I had the honor to attend the first of many Takeover events.

Chefs Manuel Cordray and Shelton Starks along with Pastry Chef Rachel Child commandeered the Heirloom Restaurant for a night of Far East Asian meets Southern gourmet cuisine.

Cordray and Starks met five years ago at church. Their creativity and love of food led them to do projects together.

The popularity of pop up shops brought about the idea of taking over an establishment and putting their own spin on it.

The Asian Southern fusion menu was in honor of Chinese New Year.

Before each dish was presented the Chefs came out and explained each course, as well as the wine paired with it.

Chef Starks invited me to the event knowing I’m a vegetarian. When he said they were preparing a special menu for me I was expecting salad and some mixed veggies.

Boy was I WRONG!!!!

The first course was Braised pork belly glazed in ginger soy sauce, served over fermented butter beans and topped with a collard green kimchi.

Pork N’ Beans without the pork, but not without flavor.

The Poema Brut Rose Cava mixed beautifully with it.

The second course featured Baby Bok Choy marinated, lightly grilled and topped with seasonal vegetables, crispy chicken skin croutons and a charred jalapeño pesto.

Mine was without the croutons. And it was my favorite course. I’ve had bok choy many times but never quite like this.

Margaridas Vinho Verdes was served with this course.

The Third Course was Pan Seared jumbo sea scallops over a lightly smoked succotash with hot chili oil. Instead of scallops my version had Crookneck squash.

It was served with a Tabali Sauvignon Blanc.

Once again I was amazed by a vegetable I’d consumed many times before. The hot chili oil really made the dish!

Our fourth Course was Chinese 5 spice seasoned beef short rib (tofu for me) braised in soy jus, on a bed of butternut squash purée and a sweet cilantro oil. Complimenting the dish was a Tall Sage Red blend.

Now there’s something you should know about me. I’ve never cared for tofu. I have texture issues. But this tofu!!! It was a whole new experience. Totally different consistency.

Then came….the DESSERTS!!! Chef Child delivered a sweet trio to wrap up the evening.

Salted Carmel cheesecake with a pretzel crust, Yuzu tart and S’Mores Cake paired with Maggie Family Vineyards Petite Sirah, were the perfect end to a perfect meal.

The night was a complete success!

If you didn’t get to attend this event don’t worry. There will be more coming. Kentucky Derby And Hip Hop themed Takeovers are coming up!

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