ITF: The Winter Xperience Showcase 2K17


The youth of Inspire the Fire brought real life issues to the stage during their recent performance of ‘Fire Heights’.

Flashing forward 20 years from the fatal shooting of a young aspiring musician by a local police officer, the play chronicled the lives of the residents that now live in a city divided by a wall.

The daughter of the officer felt a sense of safety on her side of the wall. Until her children started attending a community center on the other side.

Using her political pull, she tried unsuccessfully to have the center shut down.

The talent these young people exhibited was phenomenal.

Dennis Reed, founder and CEO of Inspire the Fire, former Mayor of Charlotte Jennifer Roberts, Jonathan Stewart of the Carolina Panthers and Grammy Winner Fantasia truly inspired this young group as well as the audience.

The ITF team brought down the house as they brought down the wall on stage.

I encourage you to support this non profit organization. Attend their next event.

Be Inspired.


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